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Key Milestones
The key milestones of the development of our Group are as follows:
Feb 2020 Sold the energy assets of Bengbu and Feidong farms to the JV established with CITIC Environment
Sep 2019 New Hope Dairy became the second largest shareholder
Aug 2019 Formed a JV with the entity designated by CITIC Environment
Jan 2017 Mengniu increased its holdings to 37.7%
Oct 2016 Pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk passed inspection under the “quality milk project”
Oct 2016 Became a national key and leading enterprise following agricultural industrialization
Jul 2016 Received a number of awards such as the award for the most respected company from Institutional Investor
May 2016 Branded milk was awarded the international high-quality trophy for the third time by Monde Selection
Apr 2016 Officially marketed products under the low-temperature category
Mar 2016 Sales of own branded milk increased by 80.37%
Jan 2016 Outstanding innovation team award from the Ministry of Agriculture
Jun 2015 Retained the gold prize for branded milk from Monde Selection
Dec 2014 Second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award
Jun 2014 Branded milk was awarded a gold prize by Monde Selection
Dec 2013 Set up a JV with KKR and CDH to build two large farms in Shandong
May 2013 Mengniu became the single largest shareholder of the Company
Apr 2012 Branded UHT milk officially launched
Nov 2010 Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
2009 ~ 2010 New dairy farms in Shaanxi, Hubei and Helongjiang and Sichuan, commenced operation
Mar 2009 ~ Jun 2009 Third and Fourth rounds of equity financing for the construction of dairy farms in Feidong
Dec 2008 Acquisition of Helingeer Modern Farm in inner Mongolia
Nov 2008 ~ Dec 2008 Two rounds of equity financing for the purchase of heifers and as general working capital
Jul 2008 Modern Farm was incorporated and acquired our business
2007 ~ 2008 New dairy farms in Hebei and Shandong Provinces commenced operation
2006 Our first dairy farm in Ma’anshan, Anhui Province, commenced operation
Sept 2005 Leading Farming was incorporated and commenced business